November 30, 2016

London-based fashion designer Carlo Volpi is talented in so many ways that we would most definitely be jealous of him if it were not for our genuine appreciation for his creativity.

For one, he can out-knit anyone's grandma ... probably even his own. Volpi was born just outside of Florence and he became fascinated by knitting because both of his grandmothers worked in a small textile factory there. It led him to pursue a career in design and textiles in college, where he took a knitting workshop and eventually launch his eponymous fashion line in 2014. He now produces his entire collection alon...

September 13, 2016

Washington, D.C.'s newly renovated Union Station

When it comes to having a sense of hometown pride, we consider ourselves to be realists. We love Boston, but we don't let that cloud our judgement. We know when another city has got it better than us. In the category of buildings of mass transit, for instance, we cannot deny that Washington D.C. has us beat fair and square.

In Boston, we count South Station as our main hub for subways and commuter trains and the Acela Express. It's a pretty building, at least from the outside, and it has a lot of history, but it's also small, crowded, and a little...

August 29, 2016

Like everyone else who pays attention to fashion and style, at this point in our lives we're fairly desensitized to mass-retail/high design partnerships. While we were admittedly excited about H&M's Margiela collaboration back in 2012, by the time their Balmain partnership was announced in 2015, our pulse maybe quickened by a few beats. Maybe.

The problem is there have been so many INSERT DESIGNER NAME for INSERT BIG BOX STORE collections, and so many "meh" ones (ahem, Marimekko x Target) that it's hard to justify spending mental energy sussing out the good from the bad. 

While the concept...

June 17, 2016

New Zealand-based product and interior designer Sabine Marcelis first popped up on our radar in 2012, when she was still just a student at Design Academy Eindhoven. She'd created what was one of the greatest fusions between form and function (and also fun) that we'd ever seen: an art museum-worthy way to make wine at home. She punnily (yes, punnily) called it "House Wine."

She's pretty much had our hearts since then. In 2013, she debuted a beautiful, thoughtful, and cheeky collection of colored ombre mirrors during Dutch Design Week, called "Seeing Glass" along with fellow Design...

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