We would like to tell you that we were first introduced to Boston artist Tara Sellios during the ARTcetera AIDS benefit in early October, but “introduced” seems like far too weak of a word to describe the first time we actually saw Sellios's work. "Captivated" or maybe “stopped dead in our tracks” seem a lot more accurate.

While Sellios’s imagery, from her 2013 series entitled “Luxuria,” was being displayed among hundreds of other works, it stood out in a way that no other collection at the auction did. Her work was so out-of-the-box—even borderline grotesque—but in the most beautiful way, that we couldn’t help but stop and just stare at it and wonder what gave her the idea for such odd and striking photos.

The fact that it's taken us two months to actually write about Tara Sellios is completely unrelated our level of fan-dom for her. Instead, we thought "Luxuria" would be the perfect sendoff into Thanksgiving week, since Sellios created the series to examine the idea of excess, and the collection of photos and illustrations of feasts and banquets look not unlike what most of us will be partaking in this Thursday.

While we won't begin to pretend that we'll be passing on the pie in the name of eliminating excess, it is interesting to think about "Luxuria" in the context of all of the shopping and Black Friday craziness that now goes hand-in-hand with Thanksgiving; whether we've sacrificed the joyful simplicity of family time and gratitude for consumerism in the form of sleeping in tents all night, and trampling over each other for flat screen TVs.

It's certainly something to think about.

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