When people ask you what you want for Christmas, there are usually some unspoken stipulations they expect you to abide by with your answer: such as the fact that your object of desire should be readily found in the United States, and it shouldn't cost more than a monthly mortgage payment (or even a week’s worth of that payment, unless you have some seriously generous relatives, in which case, can we come over for the holidays?). If we were all being completely honest about the things that we’ve actually been lusting after for that last 12 months, the words out our mouths would likely be a little different than “You know I could really use a new coffee mug,” or “there’s really nothing in particular that I can think of.”

We decided to forget about being polite for a moment and put together a list of what we’d say we wanted for the holidays if we were being totally, greedily frank about it.

BRENDAN REVENHILL’S GRAIN DRUM PENDANT. It’s gorgeous, it’s over two feet across, and it’s handmade.

SWAN BERGERE CHAIR BY ROCHE BOBOIS. Louis XV style chair gets all dressed up, and we’d like to swap out every chair in our office for one of these.

AN ORIGINAL FROM MIGUEL VALLINAS'S SEGUNDO PIELES SERIES. The Spanish artist said of the idea behind his 2014 series, "Certain people wear certain clothes to differentiate themselves from others. But when they meet people dressed the same way, they form herds.” We’d like him to be part of our herd, please.

ALL OF THE SHOES CURRENTLY AVAILABLE ON 3.1 PHILLIP LIM. Because it's genuinely impossible to pick just one, and we'd like to see how truly well designed our closets actually are.

LAURA KIRAR FOR ARTERIORS MIRROR. Can we say that this requests is more realistic because it’s technically two gifts in one—wall art and a mirror?