Say what you will about the flawless functionality of classic wooden salt and pepper grinders. They may work wonders in the kitchen, cranking out a perfectly fine seasoning, but in our opinion, they have no business being on the formal table. Instead, we urge you to choose a salt and pepper solution that's every bit as fancy as your fine china, your silver flatware, your crystal goblets, and those $50-a-pop floral centerpieces.

Our pick for the holiday season and beyond: This sculptural set, named "Kremlin," by San Francisco-based design studio Bonnsu. Though it is made out of biodegrable plastic to ensure it can be recycled if you ever decide to get rid of it (but why would you do such a thing?), its rose gold embellishment belies its humble materials. When not in use, a hidden magnet holds both salt and pepper halves together, forming a decorative little objet that you'd be wise to leave on your table even when it is not in use.

But wait, there's a bonus: Your salt and pepper grinder can also serve as conversation piece. The Kremlin shaker is part of Bonnsu's "Reflection" tabletop collection, which was inspired by the idea of cultural fusion. Specifically, the studio’s Swedish and Taiwanese designers were captivated by the idea of mixing traditional architecture and symbols from Easter and Western cultures and created the collection after studying the design of everything from Russian architecture, to medeival castles, to historic mosques. As a whole, the Reflection collection was designed to transform your tabletop into a miniature, globally inspired architectural landscape of sorts.

We dare your practical wooden kitchen tools to top that.