We appreciate art in two intensities around here. First, there is talent that we simply admire, and which we are content to take in as the occasion strikes at a gallery or a museum. And then there's talent that we covet. As in, we need to own a piece of it for ourselves and live with it every day. Our latest roundup is all about the latter; the artists whose work we want to immerse ourselves in and surround ourselves with. These are the artists we like like.


WWW.GAVINBROWN.BIZ The German-born contemporary artist, who now calls New York home, is quickly becoming one of the most famous female painters of her time. W Magazine even called her one of eight female artists who are "currently storming the boys club." This is one bandwagon we are happy to jump on.


WWW.JENSTARK.COM Jen Stark is probably most famous for a paper sculpture she created called How to Become a Millionaire in 100 Days, which she literally made from one million pieces of paper. As impressive as that is (and there is not a trace of sarcasm in that statement), we actually find ourselves drawn more to this LA-lady's two-dimensional works, like the aptly named Psychedelic State ... a piece we would imagine to be incredibly fun at parties.


WWW.MARADELUCA.COM Our love for Mara de Luca stems specifically from her Angel Beach series (the piece above, titled Indio, is a favorite ) which is simple, clean, and graphic, yet unique and just nuanced enough to inspire a hundred rooms. While much of her work is informed by her life in Los Angeles, Angel Beach in particular was inspired in part by a quote about the city from the Joan Didion novel, Play it as it Lays: "Again and again she returned to an intricate stretch just south of the interchange where successful passage from the Hollywood onto the Harbor required a diagonal move across four lanes of traffic. On the afternoon she finally did it without once braking or once losing the beat on the radio she was exhilarated, and that night slept dreamlessly."