April 22, 2016

If you told us three years ago that our footwear of choice for everything from client meetings to restaurant openings would be sneakers, we would probably have been totally freaked out about it. Because wearing sneakers on a daily basis would have meant that A). We had experienced a midlife crisis and decided to forgo interior design in favor of yoga teaching B). We had completely let ourselves go or C). We had sustained some sort of accident or injury that required the use of orthotic footwear for rehab. 


Here we are, though, willingly wearing sneakers without any of the drama we just imagined above. Of course, if you follow fashion at all you know that is because sneakers--or tennis shoes, or trainers, whatever you want to call them--have experienced a style renaissance that has made a fashion goal out of the Nikes-and-pencil-skirt combo that used to be a cliche faux pas committed only by suburban commuters. 


It helps that sneaker design has come a very long way in the short time the shoes have been back en vogue. The approach is far more form, far less function (or at least a more equitable combination of both). Plus, the variety of brands offering beautifully-designed sneakers goes way beyond the aisles of Sports Authority. 

Consider this our starting lineup. 

 AN HOUR AND A SHOWER // Lys Sneaker



THE OFFICE OF ANGELA SCOTT // The Hammonds Black & White Striped Women's Slip On Sneaker



KOIO COLLECTIVE // Gavia Bianco Sneaker



SAINT LAURENT // Signature Court Classic Surf SL/37 "Yeah Baby" Sneaker in Off White















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