Fact: The best Shrimps come from across the pond.

Stay with us, because we are talking fashion, not shellfish. Specifically, the London-based line, Shrimps, which was founded in the city by London College of Fashion graduate Hannah Weiland. The line has only been around for three years now, but it has already pushed plenty of envelopes and become a standout in the fashion industry because of it.

If your taste is anything like ours, then Weiland's current Autumn/Winter 2016 collection is actually going to make you feel excited about dressing for winter (way more than Boston standard-issue Bean boots and plaid scarves will). Let's browse the beauty, shall we?

Get excited, because a good portion of the collection is made with faux-fur, which is probably the chicest, most animal-friendly way to stay warm. Plus, Weiland treats the textile like a canvas.

How perfect would these velvet numbers be for the holiday season? We have never seen velvet look this hip, actually.

There are also a few options for our favorite season: Leather Weather.

Overall, what really caught us (no pun intended) about Shrimps is how unexpected the silhouettes, texture, pattern and color combinations are, but how they still feel complementary and wearable. It's a similar approach we take to our interiors, creating something unique and cutting edge, but in a way that still feels attractive and comfortable, too.

Be right back, gone fishing.