London-based fashion designer Carlo Volpi is talented in so many ways that we would most definitely be jealous of him if it were not for our genuine appreciation for his creativity.

For one, he can out-knit anyone's grandma ... probably even his own. Volpi was born just outside of Florence and he became fascinated by knitting because both of his grandmothers worked in a small textile factory there. It led him to pursue a career in design and textiles in college, where he took a knitting workshop and eventually launch his eponymous fashion line in 2014. He now produces his entire collection along with a small team of professional knitters. He once told Vogue Italia, "I've always thought knitting is a magic process, a bit like alchemy, where you can create these amazing garments with one strand of yarn and a pair of sticks." Which is precisely why we are so amazed by him.

Besides being an actual fashion wizard in the technical sense, he is a creative genius in the mad sort of way that leads to boundary-pushing, industry changing, one-hundred-percent original pieces. His recent collection 0 Love 4 Love and the corresponding campaign (we used images from it for this post), is probably one of the most thought-provoking fashion lines we've ever seen. His other collection are all equally captivating in some way or another.

And finally: he's used his in-your-face, fearless originality to make a name for himself in an industry that is way over-saturated and over-stimulated. Just one year after launching his label, he was hand-selected by Vogue Italia to show at Milan Fashion Week, and this summer, he won the Vogue Italia-sponsored talent competition "Who is on Next."

OK and one more thing: How fun is this sweatshirt?

All photos: Anna Peftieva for Carlo Volpi

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