There are very few things that Rick Owen's has done that we do not like. His clothing is minimalist, architectural perfection and furniture is an ingenious blend of contemporary lines and rough-hewn materials that make it look like modern Roman artifacts. And let's not even get started on the woman he chose to be his wife.

Okay, let's talk about his wife. Because, although she is decidedly less famous, she is just as much a talented, avant garde artist as her husband, which she is proving in a big way right now. Michele Lamy, who is not just Owen's wife, but his business partner, was revealed to be the creative force behind Owen's much-lauded furniture exhibition at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles, which opened in late December. If it is any indication how big of an event this show is in the creative world, its opening night was Kanye West's first public appearing since his October hospitalization. That is not to mention major write ups it has garnered in the LA Times, Wallpaper, GQ, Blouin Art Info, and The New York Times. But you know, Kanye.

Back to Michele. While Owen's has been designing furniture for years, he admitted in a phone call to the LA Times that this particular show--the first museum retrospective of Owen's furniture in the U.S.--was actually "her thing." “I don’t want to get in her way,” he said. “This is really a moment for Michèle, it’s about celebrating her. I participate to a certain extent, but she’s the one who put the blood, sweat and tears into it. So the MOCA show is more her victory than mine.” In fact, Owens did not even make an appearance at the show's opening night. Michele's oversight of the collection was not-so-subtly hinted at in the lording image of her above the show (seen below).

As for the furniture--it has more in common with sculpture than sofas. Materials used include oxbone and concrete, which is of course, part of the point. "The pieces at MOCA have become more sculptural and less definably furniture than before,” Owens told T Magazine. “For a museum show, it’s kind of like a runway show. Do we really need to see the functional stuff on a runway show, or do we need to see the story?”

We could not agree more, Rick.

As for the couple's partnership: It just goes to show that behind every great man is a badass creative genius. Or better yet: Couple goals.