We used to think that graffiti and street art were interchangeable terms, both used to describe the same sort of spray-painted swirls or commissioned murals that sprawl across the sides of buildings.

We started to re-think this perception with the rise of Banksy a few years back. His global attention and the excitement for his work made us take street art a little more seriously as a medium. But it's Julien de Casabianca who has elevated the term "street art" into a whole new category for us.

Casabianca is an artist in many senses of the work: a photographer, filmmaker, and video artist, to name a few. All of this influences one of his other chosen media: street art. So how is his brand of "graffiti" different?

For one, it's based around famed works and commissioned by renowned museums. Through his project, "Outings," he is invited by museums around the world to bring their collections to the streets. He's partnered with museums like The Metropolitan Museum of Art, Geneva Museum, and Saint-Dié-des-Vosges Museum, pasting their collections around their respective cities. The process is twofold: First, Casabianca photographs the works, then he prints them and the installs them in public spaces.

His goal: To evoke emotion and bring art to the masses. "Outings is made in poor areas, where people are afraid of museums; they say it’s not for them. [This project] says that you can live the museum, free of knowledge," he told

Want to hear the best part? Outings' next stop is Boston. Casabianca will debut his installations in May. Here's a glimpse at what we might expect...

Artwork from the Met, New York City:

Artwork from the Louvre, Paris:

Artwork from Muzeum Narodowe w Warszawie, Warsaw, Poland

To find out more about Outings, click here.