Among interior designers, there aren't always a lot of unanimous style theories. Or in other words, one man's trash is another man's shabby chic. However, if there's one thing we'd wager a guess that literally every designer out there can agree on, it's that televisions have ruined a lot of beautiful room designs. It is not that we have anything against TV (we have a Netflix subscription just like everyone else!) It's just that big black boxes don't always "go" in the space they are supposed to go in.

But, last year, we finally found a palatable solution to this annoying challenge of modern design which we have been waiting to share until we had time to write about it, and it's called the Samsung Serif. It's still a TV, and thus a black box, but with a far prettier presentation. The unit was masterminded by the Paris-based furniture designer duo the Bouroullec Brothers, who were inspired by old picture frames, as well as the letter I in serif font, hence the product's name. It also has various "ambient" setting that allow you to display photos or filters while its not in use.

Image via Samsung

And, if the fact that the Serif takes cues from typography weren't enough to prove its artistic merit, here's this: the first place you could buy it in the U.S. was through the MoMA store. (You still can't but it at your local Best Buy -- the Serif is only available in certain design-minded retailers and cities, like BoConcept in New York and select Ligne Roset stores).

Image via This is Jane Wayne

For now, it only comes in 40" size, but the frame can be ordered in white or blue in the U.S. It will run you about $1,500, but we think it is worth every pretty penny.